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Product Spotlight | Wood Stone

Originally designed as high production flatbread

ovens, the Dual Burner Bistro ovens are also well-suited for many other stone hearth cooking applications. The ovens feature two adjustable gas-fired radiant burners (one on each side), and a burner disable switch allows operation with only one burner for increased flexibility. Based on our Bistro Line 4343, 4355 or 4836 footprint, the Pita Bread Oven features a 3-inch thick cast ceramic hearth and dome, allowing it to consistently maintain temperature and performance. Featuring a painted black steel stand and a handsome, stainless-wrapped oven chamber, this Bistro can accommodate all manner of facade and design options. For easily repeatable production without sacrificing versatility, the Pita Bread oven is an excellent choice.


The secret of stone hearth cooking is the stone. The single-piece floor and dome of the oven are made from specially formulated high-temperature refractory ceramic and our unique construction method and materials produce a deep heat sink (storage) effect that guarantees floor temperature. A guaranteed floor temperature ensures consistent cooking zones and consistent product throughout the day.

We know this is the world’s best pizza oven, but can it do more than pizzas? Absolutely! Regardless of the cooking application -- searing/sautéing, roasting, baking pizza -- it can all be done at the same time in the same oven, holding in moisture and giving your product wonderful color and texture

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