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Waring Thermal Circulator- Sous Vide System


Sous vide (pronounced soo-veed) describes a method of cooking foods, sealed in plastic vacuum bags, in a water bath at precisely controlled temperatures, often much lower than those used in traditional ovens, but for longer periods of time. The technique was first developed in France and named Sous Vide, French for “under vacuum,” though it would more correctly be called “without much air,” since the vacuum sealing doesn’t truly remove all the air from the bag. Removing most of the air from the bags, however, does reduce the chance of bacterial growth and spoilage. And the vacuum-sealed pouches prevent evaporation and the loss of flavor and nutrition, keeping the foods cooked sous vide moist, tender and flavorful.

The high-precision thermostat of the Waring® Thermal Circulators water bath maintains the temperature with a tight window around the set target temperature, so food can be cooked to the perfect temperature effortlessly. Steaks prepared with the sous vide method can be cooked to the desired temperature throughout, instead of charred on the outside, overcooked below that, and perfect just in the center.

A medium-rare steak cooked sous vide will be medium rare from edge to edge; a medium steak will be medium throughout; a medium-well steak, the same all the way through. No guesswork. No critical timing. No chance of overcooking.

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