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The Science Behind Winston CVap

CVap, rewrites the rules of food quality. What makes it different? Water vapor! All kitchen equipment uses hot air to affect food. Some even use “humidity” to improve the amount of control they can claim. But only CVap technology uses heated water vapor to precisely control food temperature. Pair that with air heat to control texture, and you have an unbeatable combo (no, we didn’t say combi – we’re not nearly that expensive). CVap technology is available in Cook & Hold Ovens, Retherm Ovens, Holding Cabinets, and Hold & Serve Drawers. There’s a size and configuration to fit every need.

CVap (pronounced See-Vap) refers to Controlled Vapor Technology, the engine that drives CVap equipment and makes it so different. Other cabinets are designed to heat air; CVap is designed to heat food.

Food contains water and behaves like water when heated. CVap technology is based on that principle, so only CVap enables control of both Food Temperature and Food Texture.

When the water in the cabinet’s evaporator is heated to a desired temperature, it “drives” the food’s temperature until it reaches that exact set point and keeps it there without drying out, overcooking, or significant loss of yield. No other equipment can do that.

Whether you’re a cafeteria, a dining room, a drive-thru, or in the back of the house, there’s a CVap cabinet that’s perfect for your needs. Contact us today to learn more!


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