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Ice-O-Matic | Elevation Series

We all know what a headache servicing your ice machine can be. Whether it’s long wait times, expensive onsite calls from technicians, or the difficulty of finding experts in rural areas, a broken ice machine equals vanished profits. Adding to this already difficult landscape, the HVAC industry lost nearly 40,000 technicians last year. Simultaneously, the demand for qualified, well-educated technicians will grow 21% through 2022. This means finding technicians will become increasingly difficult for the operator. That’s why Ice-O-Matic designed the new Elevation Series ice machines to be the easiest to service yet. Our plug-and-play design requires minimal installation; plus, it makes servicing a breeze. In fact, the Elevation Series is so intuitive, the operator can often keep the machine operational without calling a service technician.

  • Universal Smart Harness™ control board makes servicing machines elementary

  • Simplified access, digital diagnostics, universal components and common configuration means servicing and installation are easier than ever

  • Mission-critical indicators keep you one step ahead of problems

The Elevation Series is an enhancement and recommitment from Ice-O-Matic to be responsible environmental partners. Like you and your customers, everyone at Ice-O-Matic takes environmental stewardship seriously. In our Colorado factory, we recycle everything from oil to scrap metal to light bulbs. In the field, we partnered with the American Forests and Global ReLeaf Initiative, which allows us to offset our carbon footprint by 40%. In our Elevation Series ice machines, we use BPA-free plastics, recyclable parts, and digital controls to rigorously monitor energy use. That’s because we also take electricity bills seriously. The entire Elevation Series will meet or exceed 2018 Department of Energy (DOE) regulations, boasting up to 20% more energy efficiency than other models.

  • Meets or exceeds new 2018 DOE regulations

  • Up to 20% more energy efficient than other models

  • Designed with the environment in mind, including BPA-free plastic, recyclable parts, and digital controls to monitor energy use

Exclusive, groundbreaking technology offers a completely unique solution to the problem of hot-air discharge clearance: Dual Exhaust. Every Elevation Series unit is built to accommodate both top-air discharge and side-air discharge. Regardless of airflow requirements, the Elevation Series will adapt to your needs and make sure you get the most from your space. Since every Elevation machine is designed to provide both side- and top-air discharge, there is no need to stock additional inventory and the feature is completely free. Plus, this is the only machine on the market that does not require a kit to adjust airflow.

  • Exclusive, groundbreaking technology offers solution for tight spaces

  • Hot-air discharge from the side or the top of every Elevation Series unit

  • No additional inventory, no additional cost, and no kits to install

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