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Bakers Pride Conveyor Oven

At Bakers Pride®, we understand that even when space is limited, you still need to deliver more great-tasting food in less time. That’s why we designed the Bakers Pride ICO-1848 Conveyor Oven with a small footprint to fit in tight areas with no ventilation—all without sacrificing quality or volume. Using top and bottom air impingement, our conveyor oven can cook more pizzas per hour than a similar sized deck oven. Need even more capacity? Stack up to three conveyor ovens for triple the output.

Analog controls allow any user to set and micro-adjust temperature and belt speed to suit the product being cooked. Once set, this oven is a simple load and-walk-away affair, allowing the operator to focus on other tasks. Cleaning the oven is fast—and you guessed it—easy, due to the front cover latch system which provides access to the removable conveyor assembly and jet plates. This system saves labor and keeps the equipment as clean as possible.

Anyway you slice it, the Bakers Pride ICO-1848 Conveyor Oven is going to enhance your menu offerings—and your bottom line

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