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Product Spotlight: Duke

Heatsink™ Product Holding Units

Duke's Product Holding Unit (PHU) with Heatsink™ technology is a key to your companies' foodservice success. The Duke PHU dominates the prepared food holding marketplace because our patented technology works – saving you money and increasing your profits. Duke PHUs:

  • Increase your speed of service

  • Deliver consistent, quality food

  • Eliminate water from your operation

How Duke Does It

The patented Duke PHU Heatsink™ technology provides your foodservice operation with consistent product quality, every time, and in every store; establishing simple menu expansion, daypart control and successful 'Limited Time Offer (LTO)' management.

The Technology:

The key to the unrivaled performance of the Duke PHU is our exclusive Heatsink™ technology. Duke's "Heatsink" is made of extruded aluminum, shaped to fit the contour of each holding pan. The aluminum construction of the Heatsink™ stores a tremendous amount of energy and wraps around the sides of the pan allowing heat to be conducted uniformly into the food from three sides. This gives the Heatsink™ the ability to eliminate hot and cold spots while supplying steady, gentle heat to the food in each pan; keeping your food products at "just cooked" peak of flavor, texture and temperature for between 100 - 400% longer than conventional holding methods!

The Control:

The web based control system allows you to program individualized food product needs from a command hub via an internal USB drive, ensuring all food variety requisites are in-check, system-wide. Intuitive alpha numeric controls authorize easy transfer between meal periods, displaying count down timers to reduce your product waste and save you money.

The Flexibility:

The Duke PHUs' unique custom lid configuration facilitates the safe extended holding time of fried or moist products. These interchangeable lids and covers command moisture and humidity control levels – two authoritative variables that determine your products' quality. The PHUs' heavy-duty, durable design, allocates years of reliable product use, built to endure the everyday rigors of crew demands. The ergonomic design allows for consistent holding, inventory management, easier access, and speed of service. At the end of the day, the coved corners and dishwasher safe lids and covers allow easy and fast clean-up. Without 90 degree corners to clean in each unit, you can be sure that food particles and contaminants are eliminated from your next days' use.

Your Success:

Product holding units are no longer a dirty word in kitchens, having demonstrated foodservice best practices and safety, industry-wide. Insist on the Duke PHU with Heatsink™ technology to provide equipment excellence that will consistently deliver the foodservice quality, speed to service and menu options that your customers require and have come to depend on, every time!

Duke Product Holding Unit Highlights:
  • Patented Heatsink™ technology

  • Alpha numeric display

  • Countdown timer with cook warnings

  • Easy to switch control for different dayparts

  • Easy to program USB web based technology

  • Ability to hold fried and moisture sensitive products side-by-side

Calculate your return on investment: Here

To learn more about the Duke PHU:

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