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Bakers Pride | Pizza Oven | Small Space

Many restaurateurs would like to offer limited service pizza slices at lunch or as an add on to their general menu where large deck ovens are sometimes not available. Generally, there are three obstacles to overcome:

  • Space / hood availability

  • Utility availability

  • Capital expenses

Bakers Pride offers the broadest line of pizza ovens for small space solutions at several price points. Once the restaurateur sees the oven options available to them at economical price points they are sure to see success that will come from purchasing Baker’s Pride Ovens to increase their foods sales.

Re-heat slices fast with our Hearth Bake ovens. Our P22-BL and P44-BL feature 1/2” hearth stone decks and brick lining for fast bake times, quick recovery, and high volume production in 208v or 220/240v. Units 28” deep and 26” wide.

Our GP model gas ovens feature 2 each 1” thick hearth stone decks and up to 60,000 BTUH per oven for quick and easy slice reheating. Available in two sizes: 31 1/2” deep with widths 32 5/8” and 41 5/8”. Natural or LP gas.

Do you need more countertop production output? Try our EP-1-2828 or EP-2-2828. 33” deep and 42” wide. 208v or 220/240v.

Have space limitations in the city? Increase capacity with our free standing Stubby-Shallow depth models. Only 33” deep with widths of 48”, 57”, 66” available.

Natural or LP gas.

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