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Recipe | Roast Chicken | Rational

Thanks to ChefSteps for demonstrating how to cook the Ultimate Roast Chicken, in the Rational CombiMaster Plus.

"A roast chicken with crispy, golden skin is a glorious thing. But cooks face a dilemma: How can they crisp the skin perfectly without overcooking the flesh beneath it? The answer is to divide and conquer by separating the tasks of cooking the meat and crisping the skin. This recipe uses some easy prep steps and a two-step cooking process to first cook the flesh to our preferred degree of doneness—144 °F / 62 °C—and then to quickly finish the chicken with a very high-temperature roasting step that yields remarkably crispy skin.

Taking a two-step approach to roasting a chicken or even a turkey is well worth it in our opinion. You can go from good to great by planning ahead and taking a few extra prep steps that include trussing according to our unique method, lightly brining the flesh, and pre-drying the skin. This is what we do to achieve our perfect roast chicken."


For more information regarding the cooking process and recipe, visit the ChefSteps website, here: ChefSteps

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