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Product Spotlight | Duke Manufacturing


Duke’s X-Stream Wash System maximizes efficiency by using a low wattage heating element, re-capturing heat generated from its pumps, and transferring it to the wash tank. The X-Stream also uses less water and chemical, due to its shallow wash tank depth.

Scouring a pan of baked-on food ties up labor that could be used elsewhere. The rapid wash power of the X-Stream® Wash System ensures clean and sanitized cookware is available in minimal time, so you can focus on the business of serving your customers. It is the best performing, easiest to use power wash sink system with the lowest total cost of ownership.


The X-Stream® System increases the ease and effectiveness of your warewashing process by delivering the right amount of heat, chemical and impingement for each job.

- Variable, programmable wash schemes tailored to your operations - Batch cycle washing notifies you when your wares have been thoroughly cleaned - Idle mode between batches reduces energy costs and eliminates grease slicks, resulting in possible recontamination during ware removal - Health reporting allows you to track and monitor your usage data to ensure porper sanitation - Other valuable features include temperature control, low water detection, integrated soap dispensing, and self-diagnostics

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