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Product Spotlight: APW Wyott

The NEW X*PERT Series Digital Hotrod® Roller Grills feature simple to use controls – one button control with automatic presets. Easy to clean and maintenance free, this roller grill heats and hold links, taquitos and all other roller grill food products. The X*PERT™ Series Digital Hotrod® Roller Grills come with “TRUturn” non-stick rollers. The New Digital Roller Grill utilizes the latest control technology to improve performance. It will improve your overall operations by minimizing waste and reducing labor all while adhering to HACCP food safety standards.

Great Merchandising grill that builds product appetite appeal by facing products toward the customer. The Slanted X*PERT™ Series Hotrod® Roller Grills come in chrome or “TRU-turn” non-stick rollers.

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