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Product Spotlight | SaniServ

Your Best Bet:

Simplistic design, rugged construction and continuous improvement put SaniServ® at the forefront of the frozen dessert and drink marketplace. State of the art control systems and fewer internal parts ensure that our machines are easy to use and easy to clean. With SaniServ® equipment you'll spend more time serving tasty treats and less time servicing your machines.

Since 1929:

Founded in 1929, SaniServ® began as a manufacturer of amusement park equipment in Indianapolis, Indiana. Two years later, we made the very first frozen custard machine. Our products paved the way for food service automation, contributing to the 1950’s fast food boom.

Today, the SaniServ® division of products is available to every customer base in the food-service industry including consultant-specified bid and institutional work, government and the military, and private businesses.

Shake Up Your Sweet Tooth: White Castle counts on SaniServ® for consistent, delicious milkshakes.

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