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Bradley | Advocate All-In-One Sink

The first lavatory system to provide soap, water and hand drying all in one space. The all-in-one Advocate saves time, wet floors, and paper towel costs

Feature & Benefit FAQs:

What makes the Advocate so easy to use?

Each component is marked with an icon indicating soap, water or dryer. There is also a dryer activation label that guides end users to enter the dryer from the side. The dryer cavity is lit with LED’s creating a more welcoming environment. End-user tests have revealed the unit is highly intuitive to first time users.

What is the benefit of one dryer per lavatory?

The Advocate AV-Series offers convenience and cost savings like no other product on the market. Having a dryer at each hand washing station offers end-users their own personal space in a public place, while at the same time eliminating the need and costs associated with paper towels. In most cases, the Advocate Lavatory can be installed with hand dryers at each station for around the same price as an equal product offering with fewer hand dryers.

Can you explain the intelligent electronics on the soap dispenser?

The Advocate AV-Series is designed for light to medium hand washing applications. The anti-vandal/soap conserving time-out feature allows for three shots of soap in a 7.5 second period so users can get extra soap as needed but not allow continuous activation. The dispenser also has low soap sensing so you don’t run out of soap and overfill protection to eliminate spills.

Can the dryer hood be used as a shelf?

Yes, the dryer hood cover is rated to 150 lb (68 kg) load. The dryer hood can be used for setting personal items such as a shopping bag, backpack or purse.

What are some of the vandal resistant features?

• Terreon Solid Surface Material is easily repairable to the original finish

• Concealed plumbing/electrical connections within the pedestal minimize vandalism

• Heavy-duty welded stainless steel frame meets or exceeds structural standards

• Soap dispenser locks in place, accessible with a spanner wrench

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