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Product Spotlight: Duke

Rapid-Cook Oven For any foodservice operation, Duke's hoodless rapid cook solution provides the optimal blend of quality, versatility and consistency. Our energy efficient cooking technology, menu development services and integrated equipment offerings create the unprecedented fusion of qualities that is redefining foodservice.

Equipment Benefits: Speed We'd be remiss if our rapid-cook solution didn't provide the speed-of-service required by your operations. The ion cooks approximately 10x times faster than conventional cooking methods, allowing for greater throughput and menu diversification. This allows you to effectively cook-to-order, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and the overall foodservice experience.

Quality: Our cooking technology is specifically engineered to preserve maximum food quality and appearance while cooking in a fraction of the time. Dual side-launch microwave energy creates a more consistent and efficient heat transfer throughout the product. Combined top and bottom airflow allows for more uniform browning, greatly enhancing food appearance.

Other subtle features, such as the manual mode and incremental time, offer custom tailoring to meet your customers' needs, while still ensuring high quality and consistent results. Since our success depends on your success, our goal is to provide results you can take pride in.

Profitability: Increase your revenue through quick and easy menu expansion solutions that meet your specifications and the needs of your customers. Increased throughput, an expandable menu and lower energy costs allow for maximized profitability and a quick ROI. Additionally, with fewer required consumables and moving parts (no pizza stones, microwave stirrers, oscillators, etc.), you can greatly reduce your annual cost of ownership.

Versatility: The ion gives you the ability to prepare an entire menu with one piece of equipment. A unique feature, our UL approved catalyst, is rated to cook raw proteins. Consequently, you can use the ion to prepare practically any hot food item you want, providing total flexibility for your operations.

Further, the hoodless operation and small footprint facilitate non-traditional foodservice applications making fresh food available anywhere. Our oven fits perfectly into kiosks, concession stands or anywhere else space is constrained.

Consistency: Preprogrammed recipes integrate consistency into your operations while still allowing for menu flexibility. The USB functionality allows for electronic recipe transfer across multiple store locations, creating consistent system-wide results.

Environmental: Cook less, more frequently. Our solution reduces waste, eliminates water usage and reduces energy costs, since multiple pieces of kitchen equipment can be replaced. Additionally, hoodless operations create a cooler kitchen environment and provide significant savings in annual energy costs. Another great benefit is the temperature 'hold and resume' function, which saves valuable cooking time and avoids accidental product waste.

The Duke Manufacturing ion rapid-cook oven cooks faster than convection ovens and cooks approximately 10x faster than conventional ovens! This speed oven uses a combination of heat, convection oven air circulation, and microwaves to cook food fast!

The rapid-cook oven is easy to use and cooks food precisely to your menu's specifications. The food cooked in the ion rapid-cook oven will meet your restaurant's internal taste tests and the expectations of your customers. The ion rapid-cook oven also integrates with the Duke Manufacturing Product Holding Units (Heatsink PHU) and DRI-Therm premium food warmer. Duke's rapid-cook oven cooks with the speed you need to serve customers.

Learn more about the Duke Manufacturing speed oven:

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