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Waste Xpress: A High-Performance​ Waste Reduction System

When a municipality has outdated wastewater handling and treatment plant facilities, bagged waste may be the only option. Conventional pulpers can sometimes handle the task, but an InSinkErator Waste Xpress system is far better. That's because it efficiently processes all your food waste without the need to use cardboard or other special materials.

Simply put all liquid and solid waste into the food waste disposer, where it's first ground and then reduced by up to 85% of its original volume in the dewatering section. Ten bags of waste can be turned into less than two, so there's less to haul away. Click here to discover how much you can save by using Waste Xpress.

Food scraps, placemats, napkins, jelly packets, straws -- Waste Xpress® can handle virtually all normal wastes. Our systems can process up to 700 lbs. per hour, and install under any standard dish table.

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